Dj Redd Slick was born in New Orleans and lived several years on the Westbank and now resides in Uptown New Orleans. Slick grew up listening R&B Funk and Old School classics from which his mother use to collect albums, 45's and played majority of  the time which caught the ear of Slick and his interest in music. He also grew an interest for The Blues from while riding along on trips with his father. But his interest in music doesn't stop there Rock & Roll, and Pop music was a another variety music Slick came accustomed too, in all this which would evolved to create our culture HIP HOP. 

   Slick was inspired at an young age by seeing other DJ's in the community. At his first house party he checked out (Dj Mark Marine) he was the Dj for the late great "Tim Smooth" also known as ( Dj Too Cool). Slick was fascinated how Dj Too Cool cut, mixed and scratched songs and witnessing how he had the party rocking with latest rap music. Slick was so memorized by "Too Cool" he stole a copy of a mixtape from that party from there he listened and studied. Other Dj's would inspire Slick as well, such Dj Stormin Norman who rocked all the school dances, and the great DJ Slick Leo which who is legendary for rocking The Famous Disco and the rocking radio station FM 98 on Saturday night's with some of his legendary mixes. But it wasn't until his younger uncle Quinn started buying Dj equipment and collecting records every weekend from the money he used to make from hustling drugs. You see Quinn didn't turn Slick out on to the hustling drugs, he turned Slick out to Djing. Unfortunately Quinn passed away from an accidental shooting from a hand gun he was only 15 years old.  Slick lost interest in Djing and wasn't  over the passing of his uncle, but as years past musical inspiration was still instilled inside Slick.  With the purchase of some Technics 1200's and daily practices Slick started to develop his skills and style by dropping mixtapes to build of the feedback. Slick had no guidance or mentors to develop so everything he learned, he learned the hard way "HARD KNOCK LIFE". Great Dj's such as Grand Master Flash, Jam Master Jay, Mr. Mixx, Dj Jazzy Jeff ,and Kid Capri, motivate him to keep his edge when dropping records to hit the nerves of anyone who was listening. Slick energy comes from the crowd energy, its like showing off or stuntin.

   Slick has grown from the ups and downs of Djing. He has created an outlet for up and coming artist to be heard which he calls GUTTA CONNECTION which refers to the unification of artist throughout the city. This was created by a mixtape Slick and B-Dam made to promotes other artist through B-Dam music projects. Slick also gain inspiration from a weekly gig presented by Juda Clan Production and 54th Platoon at The Hangar in which they showcased up and coming which Slick witness artist from different parts of the city performing without any beef fighting or arguing . You see New Orleans is real notorious for different wards or different sections of the city beefing with one another, so if you weren't from a certain ward unless you had family or knew someone highly from there, then you don't belong in that ward.

 So Slick started networking and dropping mixtapes from artist who would give him music or leave their show cd's behind  that was performing at The Hangar every week. Slick has dropped numerous of Gutta Connection mixtapes some features and various artist. The Gutta Connection Mixtape are signature for the creativity Dj Redd Slick pours into them as he become one with the artist and their vision. If you aint on…Then get on it….Check out WWW.DJREDDSLICK.COM 

 Slick has involved with various notoriety and up and coming artist throughout  the city such 54th Platoon, Skip and Wacko of UTP and Ghetto Slaves, Truth Universal, Jay Da Menace of (Black Menace), The late Yung Ether(R.I.P), Jack Spratt, Dee Day(Zone Gang), 3d Natee, Dangafield, Kayotic of (Cutt Throat Committee), Nesby Phips, Reem(0017th) ,and The Hot 8 Brass Band just name a few out of respect and inspiration.

 Currently Slick is expanding and connected with Chris Condell and Kebori (Kunta Fly) Denson to give artist and their movements an proper exposure by joining The Urban Push Movement. Artist can perform on the appropriate platform, meaning artist can be witnessed by fans and music industry affiliates to perform with the proper stage presences and atmosphere. The Urban Push Movement is also an outlet to communicate and network with artist, industry contacts, or to grow to sharpen your skill as an performing artists. Go to WWW.URBANPUSHMOVEMENT.COM. ALSO!!! DJ Redd Slick won The Sound Clash DJ Battle @The Maison put together by El Williams @OnPoint_El. Competition was tough but Slick walked away takin the trophy back Uptown. Continue to look out for Gutta Connection Hour on WWW.MIXTAPE108.COM and Gutta Connection Mixtapes to drop heat from up and coming artist as well as Gutta Connection events in the future, so stay tuned….IN AIN'T OVER!!!




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